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Estate Planning Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Estate Planning

Are you looking for qualified estate planning services in Sherman Oaks? you can inexpensively plan and prepare your estate through sound legal documentation in a variety of areas. Our services included Living Trust, Amendments / Codicils, Power of Attorney, and more. Contact us today and see why so many Southern Californians turn to PINK Legal for our Estate Planning Preparation Services.

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Sherman Oaks Estate Planning Services

Living Trust Sherman Oaks

Living Trusts

A Revocable Living Trust protects your home and ensures your assets go directly to your specified beneficiaries without having to go through Probate. Our Trust package includes a Declaration of Trust, a Certification of Trust, Pour Over Will(s), and one Trust Transfer deed (additional fees apply for multiple properties).

  • Revocable Living Trust – $599 (includes transfer deed for one property)

  • Revocable Estate Plan – $850 (includes transfer deed for one property)

  • Additional Deed(s) – $85 to $120 per APN or deed

  •  Out of State Deed(s) – $150 per APN or deed

  • Recording fee – varies by county (typically between $13 to $20 per deed)

Power Of Attorney Sherman Oaks

Power of Attorney & Healthcare Directive

A Power of Attorney for Financial Management allows you to name someone to help manage your finances, property, and legal issues for you when you are no longer able to do it alone. A Healthcare Directive, also known as a Living Will, is a document that allows you to specify your wishes regarding life support and to appoint an agent to ensure your wishes are carried out.

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Management – $120

  • Advanced Healthcare Directive with HIPAA Authorization – $120

  • Notary – $15

Amendments and Codicils Sherman Oaks

Amendments & Codicils

An amendment is a formal document making a change to one or multiple parts of a Revocable Living Trust. A codicil is a formal document making a change to one or multiple parts of a Last Will and Testament. PINK Legal makes these service affordable with a process that saves time.

  • Amendment or Codicil – $170

  • Amendment and Codicil – $250

  • Amendment and Restatement – $599 to $850 (completely replaces old Trust and Will(s) with updated language and decisions)

  • Consultation required for Trusts/Wills not prepared by PINK Legal – $85

Trust Administration Sherman Oaks

Trust Administration

A trust administrator (also known as an Executor or Successor Trustee) takes care of trust assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries. In addition to specific duties outlined in a Trust, there are also certain general responsibilities required by law that must be carried out by the Trust Administrator.

  • Consultation – $85

  • Trust Administration – $349

  • County Recorder or other Filing Fees – varies by county, quote provided at consultation

Sherman Oaks Estate Planning FAQ

What if I die without a Will?

It is called, dying “intestate.” Laws of California will decide the division of your assets and who raises your minor children. Best solution is to have a Living Trust & Will combination.

What is a Living Trust?

A Living Trust helps avoids probate, which is an expensive and time-consuming court process where the laws of California decide the division of your property.

What is an Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan consists of a complete document set such as Living Trust, Will and Powers of Attorney so every aspect of your personal and financial affairs, before death and after, are properly accounted for and planned out in advance. Helps create “Peace of Mind.”

What is Probate?

It is an often-unnecessary expensive and time-consuming court process where California law decides the division of your property. A Living Trust helps avoid the probate process, so your heirs receive your property without government involvement.

Will vs. Living Trust?

In a “Will,” you state who gets your property and who manages the process of distributing your property after death, but a court process known as “Probate” is often necessary which is expensive and time-consuming. If you have children, in your “Will” you name a “Guardian” to raise them. A “Living Trust” is similar to a “Will” in that you state who gets your property and who manages the process, but it helps avoid the Probate process. Best solution is to have a combination “Living Trust” to avoid probate and a “Will” to name a Guardian for children.

What is a Living Will and Advanced Healthcare Directive?

These terms are interchangeable. If you become incapacitated or at your end of life and cannot communicate your healthcare wishes, such as if you want “Life Support” or not, these documents contain your wishes and appoints someone to make those decisions for you.

Do I need a Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Management?

Yes. Everyone should have a Power of Attorney for Financial Management. If you have are in a car accident, have a heart attack or dementia and do not have the capacity to make decisions, you are going to need a trusted person to help you. “Durable” allows the powers to remain while you are incapacitated.

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