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Revocable Living Trusts

Revocable Living Trust Document Preparation

A Revocable Living Trust protects your home and ensures your assets go directly to your specified beneficiaries without having to go through Probate. “Revocable” means you are allowed to make changes to your Trust at any time. Our Trust package includes a Declaration of Trust, a Certification of Trust, Pour Over Will(s), and one Trust Transfer deed (additional fees apply for multiple properties).

Estate Plan

Our Estate Plan package includes a complete Revocable Living Trust, a Power of Attorney for Financial Management, a Healthcare Directive, and instructions for Final Arrangements.

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Process Overview

  1. Complete questionnaire—online, over the phone, virtually or in-person.
  2. Contract and remit PINK Legal service fee.
  3. Documents prepared—2 week turnaround. NOTE: Expedited service available.
  4. Documents to be reviewed, signed, and notarized/witnessed—online, over the phone, virtually or in-person.
  5. Deed(s) titling your real property(ies) into your name as Trustee of your Trust to be filed/recorded at the County Recorder’s office.
  6. Peace of mind!



Living Trust & Estate Plan Fees


    1.  Living Trust Document

    • Lets family inherit your property without going through probate court
    • Avoid probate and may also let your heirs avoid federal taxes after your death (only with very large estates)
    • Name executors and beneficiaries of your estate
    • Designate specific distribution of your estate property
    • Create sub trust for minor beneficiaries or create Special Needs sub trust beneficiaries with special needs.
    • Preparation of one Trust Transfer Deed (additional Deeds are $150/each, $200/each for out of state)

    2.  Certification of Trust

    • A shorter version of your Living Trust, primarily used to transfer property into your trust document

    3.  Pour Over Will

    • States that all property at the time of death shall be transferred to the Trustee of the trust. Example, an inadvertent failure to transfer real property to the Trust.
    • Name guardian to care for children
    • Forgive debts to others

    Includes the “LIVING TRUST PACKAGE” in addition to:

    4.  Advanced Healthcare Directive (included in this Package OR $150 separately)

    • If you are concerned about the kinds of medical treatment you may receive at the end of your life. Plus, a HIPAA Release Authorization.
    • Other issues concerning your natural death
    • Consider appointing someone to carry out your wishes

    5.  Durable Power of Attorney for Finances (included in this Package OR $150 separately)

    • If you are elderly or in poor health, you may be concerned about who will handle your day-to-day financial matters
    • A durable power of attorney gives a person you choose legal authority to manage your property on your behalf if you become incapacitated

    6.  Final Arrangements (included in this Package OR $150 separately)

    • How will your family pay for your funeral?
    • What will happen to you after your death?
    • Do you prefer burial or cremation?
    • What about the ceremony? Do you want one?
    • Give wishes and desires

  • Additional Deed Preparation – Fees Vary from $85 to $150 per parcel

  • Out of State Deed(s) and Mobile Home Transfers – $200 per parcel

  • Plus Recorder’s Fees – varies by county (typically between $20 to $25 per deed)

  • NOTE: Everyone’s situation is a little different, so reach out and we are happy to take the time and discuss your details.

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900 E. Grand Ave.
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